Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

We manufacture a wide array of everyday stock & custom sized shipping boxes, die cut boxes, printed boxes, retail counter & floor displays, full color laminated retail boxes, static conductive boxes, and small run digital printed boxes.  We carry many specialty board grades and flutes in stock and do specialty operations such as corner stitching (stitched tabs).

Plastic Corrugated Boxes 

​​​We manufacture custom plastic corrugated boxes in many colors, styles, and sizes.  Plastic corrugated boxes are more expensive than fiberboard paper boxes but are durable, reusable, and can be cleaned and sterilized as needed.  We even carry antistatic and conductive plastic material used for making boxes used to package sensitive electronics.  We print and sonic weld plastic boxes as well.

Large Format Printing 

With our large format ink jet printer, we can print full color, full coverage boxes, displays, and signage on a variety of substrates including corrugated, plastic corrugated, foam boards, Falconboard, wood, glass, and even metal.  When we pair this capability with our Kongsberg CNC machines, we can create an amazing array of high end displays and kiosks.

Foam Fabrication

We stock many grades and colors of packaging foams which we fabricate into various protective packaging solutions.  Our foam items can be inserted into boxes by the customer to save space, or can be pre-assembled and pre-glued into boxes and delivered to your company all ready to have products dropped in and shipped.

Hexacomb Fabrication 

We carry stock Hexacomb material that we sell as sheets, as well as fabricate into custom items as clients require. Hexacomb has many applications including semi-permanent retail display construction, interior bracing and reinforcement, pallet construction, and load separation.

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 Packaging Supplies for the Phoenix, AZ, Area 

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Small Runs

One of our specialties is short run orders.  We will even make one box! 

Conductive/Static Shielding 

We manufacture a large variety of products used to protect sensitive electronics including Conductive fiberboard, antistatic & conductive foams, and static shielding bags in a wide selection of sizes.

Military Spec Cartons

We Manufacture Corrugated boxes which meet the most common military specifications including W5c, V3c, V13c & V11c.  We accepted orders of any quantity.

Plastic Bags

We carry a huge selection of plastic and zipper type bags available for immediate pickup or delivery.

Other Packaging Products 

We carry thousands of packaging items in stock including bubble wraps, bubble bags & envelopes, loose fill (peanuts), tapes, paper bags, zipper type bags, mil spec bags, static shielding bags, can liners, poly tubing & film, heat sealing equipment, stretch films, shrink films, padded and rigid envelopes, packing list envelope enclosures, steel and poly banding and tools, product warning labels, V Board, tubes,  singleface rolled corrugated, newsprint, kraft paper, butcher paper, and many other packaging related items.

Design Services 

Our staff of designers use the most current version of Esko Graphics Artioscad software, which is a CAD system designed specifically for the packaging industry.  We have 2 Kongsberg CNC machines which can cut prototypes in Corrugated fiberboard, foams, folding cartons, plastics, hexacomb, and even wood.  Many customers bring products with them and visit and work directly with our designers and have finished prototypes in their hands before they leave.

Cash and Carry 

We offer wholesale pricing to individuals seeking moving boxes and supplies.  We often have special closeout deals available.  Please call for details.​